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Städtische Museen Jena: Stadtmuseum und Kunstsammlung

Google translate: The art collection of the city brings together works of various styles and eras. The profile of the city art collection was in the 1930s significantly shaped by the Kunstverein Jena (1903-1949) inherited the collection and determined. This collection was the concept of avant-garde exhibitions of the Association and characterized based on an idea expressed by Botho Graef establishing a "collection of modern art." Shortly after taking over his duties as managing director of the Kunstverein, the philosopher Eberhard Grisebach attacked in 1912 on this idea and realized it with great dedication and thanks to its numerous relationships with leading artists of his time. And so in just a few years ago a remarkable collection, which was not only popular with artists and audiences, but was also raised in the national press.
The largest donation of the collection received in 1918 by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, all of his early work as a graphic print-Botho Graef Foundation gave the Art Association. During the campaign, "Degenerate Art" robbed the collection of the former Jenaer Kunstverein in 1937, the Nazis of their greatest works. The Jena Art Association in 1949 was erased from the register of associations. Later, in the early 1990s, some works from the former component can be recovered back. In addition to some important works of classical modernism is the art of the East a priority in the works now about 5000-strong municipal collection. After numerous acquisitions in recent years is now also the contemporary art collection within a detectable range dar.