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Lindenau-Museum Altenburg

Google translate: The Lindenau-Museum was incorporated in September 2001 in the blue book of overall state important cultural institutions in eastern Germany since 2002 and is a member of the Conference of National Cultural Institutions.
The Lindenau-Museum since 1998, gives the Gerhard Altenbourg Prize., Collections:
- Collection of early Italian panel painting of the 13th-15th century
- Extensive collection of antique ceramics from the 7th to 2 Century BC
- Casts of sculptures of antiquity and the Renaissance
- Prints and Drawings
- Painting of the 17th to 19 century
- German Paintings of the 20th century
- Sculptures and statues
- Contemporary Art from the Saxon-Thuringian region
- Fine Arts Library of the 18th and 19 century
- Studio Fine Art